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It wasn’t long ago that 80s fancy dress costumes were hard to come by. These days with everything old being new again and the 80s being just retro enough to be cool now; 80s fancy dress costumes are a lot easier to find!

Why 80s fancy dress? Well, first off, because having a 80s fancy dress party is THE thing to do—not to mention so much fun! As far as a fancy dress party goes; having a 80s theme pretty much takes care of everything for you. I mean, the moment you choose the 80s as the theme you know what people should wear, what music to play and even what goodies and memorabilia you can use to decorate for your soiree. It really doesn’t get easier than that! And, you know full well that the 80s were a fun and colourful time in fashion and music which means that your 80s fancy dress party is sure to be a hit.

So Tubbs and Crockett, Daisie Mae and Madonna take a look through these pages for I’m sure you’ll find something to wear it just depends on how outrageous you dare to be. I know from my own experience that as soon as you start putting on your make up you will start to smile and that smile will not wear off till the next morning when the hangover takes over.

This UK merchant has made it easy (and inexpensive!) for people to get everything they need to pull off the best Wham or Boy George look! And for those who are all about Madonna—you can find all of her hottest and most memorable looks from the Like a Virgin wedding dress to the infamous cone boob corset!

And, the best part of this online merchant isn’t just that they carry all of the coolest 80s fancy dress costumes but that you get to buy them outright for next to nothing instead of renting them. That means no more worrying about spilling something on a rented piece and getting charged for it.It also means that you’re set for any 80s fancy dress party that you throw or attend. (And if yours is a hit you just know that all of your friends will follow suit and throw one too!)

So, whether you long to be Daisy Duke or have a burning desire to go all Miami Vice and be Tubbs or Crockett; this site has got them all and then some! Pick up a Ra-Ra skirt complete with leg warmers or transform yourself into the King of Pop, Michael Jackson! Have a look around, choose your 80s fancy dress costume, tell your friends to have a peek too and then just get those 80s tunes ready for the best 80s fancy dress party ever!

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